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Friends Only

I decided to go "Friends Only"
art posts, fanfiction etc. will still be public.
concert reviews, photos, ... and personal stuff will be FO.
just drop me a line and I'll friend you back. :) (comments are screened)

My Chemical Romance

I wore one of my MCR shirts today and now I saw this:

this band. so many feelings. I don't know which video is "worse". this one or The Kids From Yesterday.

Lambliff Big Bang Art: Dr. Hotpants

Challenge: lambliffbigbang
Title: Dr. Hotpants
Author: tootleswamgoolr
Note: when I read the summary of this story, I thought it sounded really sweet and funny, just what I was looking for. Im glad I picked this story. I could work with tootleswamgoolr again and this story is just as sweet as I hoped and I enjoyed reading it a lot.

Thor 2

soooo, last Tuesday I saw Thor 2 with mariquitahelena
First I didn't want to see the movie because while Thor (1) wasn't bad it didn't blow me away.

Part 2 is a lot better, it a lot more fun. There were some point were I couldn't stop laughing. I like it when movies are hilarious when one doesn't expect them to be. I really liked the movie.

The only downside was that there were a lot of reverences about The Avengers, because they talked about New York and so. I haven't seen the movie and I kept thinking "Argh, what happened there." I felt like I was missing something and a movie shouldn't be that way. That was a bit of a bummer. 


Challenge: kradambigbang
Title: The Feathered Prince
Author: va_bites
Note: it's time for Kradambigbag again. yay. this one is for the amazing va_bites who isn't only an incredible artist (I LOVE her art) but also writes wonderful stories.  The story is supercute and funny, like a fairy tale. Go and read it asap. :)
a bigger size version of it is over at my dA.

Bon Jovi

yesterday mariquitahelena and I was at our first concert this year: Bon Jovi

review, picture and setlistCollapse )


Glam Reverse Big Bang

this is the art I did for glam_reverse_bb.
I was thrilled when I heard that tootleswamgoolr picked my art. thank you, I love the stories you write and I cant wait to read this one: You're The One That I Want

Close-UPsCollapse )

Kradam Reverse Big Bang

this is the art I've made for the second round o kradamreversebb missed the first round and I was very happy that there was another round this year.

many thanks to labct1 for writing this wonderful story: A Glimpse of the Future

Bigger versions are over at my dA.